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Research Values

The Council of Research Deans (CORD) is the organization through which the Associate Deans for Research from MSU Colleges convene to share information, advise university leaders about important research matters, and take collective action for the good of the institution. As leaders committed to advancing the research mission of the university, and supporting faculty, staff, and students as they engage with that mission, the members of CORD as a university body are committed to advancing the following guiding principles and values regarding the research, scholarship, and creative endeavors of the university (collectively termed research below):

  1. Free inquiry across all disciplines to advance knowledge and understanding, to address national and global challenges, and to reduce inequity and advance the common good.
  2. Disciplined thinking, a commitment to research integrity and accountability, and reliance on evidence to inform the development, dissemination, and application of outcomes.
  3. Diversity, equity, and inclusion to recognize and support the areas of inquiry, work, interactions, and activities of all members of the MSU research community and to dismantle historical and structural inequities.
  4. Safe, respectful, and welcoming environment within MSU’s research enterprise, encouraging open and inclusive dialog and a tolerance for diverse points of view without fear of intimidation or retaliation.
  5. Environment of support, guidance, and appropriate training and supervision of researchers at all career and/or educational stages, including undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, faculty and staff (e.g., administrators, technicians and research professionals).
  6. Adherence to MSU’s accredited processes of academic governance, including periodic reviews of those in positions of institutional responsibility, including the use of fair processes when concerns or allegations of discrimination, inappropriate behavior or misconduct occur.
  7. Continuous improvement in operations and procedures, transparent and consultative policymaking, and efficient utilization of resources to enable MSU’s research enterprise.
  8. Sustenance and growth of MSU’s research stature and reputation.